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The Best Ways To Pay For Your Order

No matter how much we love to get medications without prescriptions, it is still illegal in so many States and Countries. This makes it very difficult to procure money gateway merchants to process payments. We try to offer as many payment options as possible. But that’s not always easy.

Banks, PayPal, and Credit Card companies do not work with online medicine stores, so facilitating PayPal, card, or bank payments is always a challenge, especially as it would be meant to provide serious information to the third party. We offer multiple payment options of which Bitcoins is the most preferred choice, as it is fast and anonymous.

Before ordering and choosing Bitcoin, first, make sure to buy some bitcoins using our easy guide. You can either get locally or online. Are bitcoins ready in your wallet? Then choose Bitcoin at the checkout, and follow the instructions. Pay with Bitcoin and you’ll get a 15% discount on the total amount! Read these easy instructions on how to buy medications using Bitcoin.

We do NOT recommend or accept direct payment using Credit Card. You, and we, are much better off using one of the other methods. The chance of your payment succeeding is quite small. Both systems do not support or deal with medicine stores, as such block related payments.

If for some reason, you still choose to use PayPal, then you will get a PayPal address via email after placing your order (contact customer service). You will need to send funds under the option “friends and family” and not under “goods or service”. For those who still wish to pay using Credit Card, you will have the chance to do so via Bitcoins. It’s quite easy, fast, safe and no extra charges or fees involve. For how to make payment using a Credit or Debit Card click here Paying by Bank is one of our recommended and most frequently used payment method especially when it comes to bulk orders. International bank transfer fees will apply for the UK, European and Australian customers. You will receive all the necessary details to make your payment in your order confirmation. For U.S. Customers bank deposit is the quickest and cheapest method of paying for your bulk order.

Paying With Cash

You can pay with cash via Western Union, Money Gram, Walmart or Ria Money Money Transfer from an agent location (store) and we send you your order. You will receive our pick up name and address after you place your order. We will instruct you on how to send the money. Other payment options include CashApp, Zelle as well as Woldremit.

Use www.xe.com to calculate your exchange rate to US dollars if needed. We ship your order immediately or within 24 hours after receiving your payment confirmation. Once we have received and authenticate payment we will process and ship your order.

We are here only for those who are seriously in need of medications and its Related Products. And we are ready to deliver to them in any location of their choice. We never state any medicine-related content on transaction descriptions, bills or invoices.

Trouble Paying For Your Order?

We’re here to help! Our lines are open to help you sort out that payment and make you a happy customer. Contact us if you have any questions.

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